After the trial court decides your divorce case, you may have grounds to appeal its ruling to an appellate court. It is important to note that an appellate court does not hold a new trial.   Instead, the purpose of an appeal is to determine whether the trial court made a legal error in your divorce case. Should the appellate court find such a legal error, it will provide an opinion concerning how the legal error(s) need to be corrected.

At D&O, we can help determine if you have grounds to appeal your divorce case, or any part thereof. We will likewise evaluate the merits of the appeal and determine whether it would be worth the associated time and cost. The process is complicated and time consuming, and can be as expensive as, or more expensive than your trial.  Transcripts must be ordered from the trial proceeding and analyzed; legal briefs must be prepared and submitted; and, oral arguments may be had at the appellate court level.  Decisions can take a considerable amount of time as the appeals can be complicated, and every case is unique.

Our attorneys are not only knowledgeable about the underlying procedures in both the trial and appellate courts, but are likewise well versed in the substantive law concerning child custody, child support, property division, and spousal support. As a result, they are able to thoroughly and efficiently review the facts and law of your case to access whether the trial court’s decision was proper

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