Denoyer & Ostrowski PC

Michigan Family Law Firm

Denoyer & Ostrowski PC is a small boutique law firm that serves clients in the areas of family law and related litigation. Given the structure of the firm, clients are assured that legal solutions will be carefully tailored to their specific objectives and accomplished in a manner that minimizes the financial impact on them.

D&O’s family law practice views legal solutions through the eyes of its clients. In that regard, D&O places significant value on safeguarding the family relationships of a client during any of the major transitions that occur in a family, especially when children are involved. D&O’s family-focused approach results from both attorneys having personally experienced the adversarial nature of divorce litigation from a client’s perspective. Through their own divorce experience, the attorneys saw a significant need in the community for representation that strives to reduce or eliminate the conflict that ensues during family transitions. Accordingly, D&O is committed to provide legal representation that preserves and fosters family relationships . Combining their personal experience with their strong educational background and litigation experience, lends itself to a very impressive resume to serve your needs.

D&O creates and fully explores innovative solutions that keep a client’s individual and family needs in mind. By doing so, D&O seeks to protect clients from the emotional and financial ruin that often happens during major family transitions. D&O believes that its family-focused approach sets it apart from other family law practitioners who espouse the traditional, litigious approach to resolving family disputes. It is D&O’s genuine hope that it can change the “traditional” way family disputes are resolved, one family at a time.

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