Abuse and Neglect

We represent parents who are charged with allegations of abuse or neglect by Child Protective Services, whether the court has become involved yet or not.  These include proceedings and trials to determine whether or not abuse and neglect has occurred and whether or not there are grounds to terminate the rights of the parents.  Our firm has significant trial experience in this area and will aggressively pursue the rights of parents to remain involved with their children.  We have had great success reuniting parents with their children when the parents are motivated and are willing and able to work through and resolve the outstanding issues that led to the involvement of Child Protective Services.

We also serve as guardian ad litems for children (their attorneys) whose parents have been charged with abuse or neglect.  We advise parents at the commencement of the investigation, throughout an investigation and in any and all court proceedings that may be started against a parent based on the allegations.

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