The testimonials on our website represent actual clients of the firm, in contrast to some of the Google reviews that were left by whom the firm believes to be disgruntled spouses in our family law cases. 


The below comments were sent in letter form by the parent of a husband whom D&O represented in a divorce regarding attorney Keith Ostrowski:

“I just needed to take a moment and thank you for walking our family through a very difficult time in our lives….With compassion and integrity you gave [our son] wonderful, timely and wise counsel.  With you as his lawyer during his divorce, the results could not have turned out any better….I consider it a privilege to have met you.”


A mother of two provided as follows about her experience:

“[Kim] nicely balanced ambition with patience, especially when I was dragging my feet.”

“Rachael was very professional and prompt.”

As to responding to telephone calls in a reasonable amount of time: “This was really wonderful in decreasing potential anxiety. I really appreciated being responded to promptly and communicated with regarding [Kim’s] availability or lack thereof due to court.”

As to the firm’s charges: “I am very pleased that your office would not charge a high amount for each phone call. I felt that I was treated fairly and not gouged. I actually sometimes wondered if you cut yourself short at times….”

“Kim is empathetic, compassionate, professional, fair-minded and I did not feel taken advantage of regarding the fees I was charged.”

“Denoyer & Ostrowski was recommended to me by a professional acquaintance. I found Kim to be very warn and empathetic while also maintaining a balance of professionalism. Because she herself had experienced divorce, I felt cared about and understood….”



From a mother whom D&O represented in a divorce:

“I just wanted to say thank you to you, your wife and staff again for everything…Having to get divorced can be one of the most traumatic events a family has to experience, and finding an attorney with the perfect balance of expertise, professionalism, and compassion is not easy.”

With regard to her experience at Court:

“Having to go to court can be such an intimidating, frustrating, and stressful experience….Your patience, support, guidance, and graciousness have been priceless during this difficult time.”


From a client who sent a card to D&O whom the firm represented in a post-judgment custody case:

“I’m not going to be able to say it adequately….I’m not even sure the words exist to express it appropriately, so I will just say, ‘Thank you for more than I can describe.'”


From a client who sent a letter to D&O after representing her in a child protective proceeding case:

“Dear Keith, I did not get a chance to tell you after court, but thank you for all of your hard work on my case. I could not have been appointed a better lawyer. God Bless you and your Family.  Thanks again!”


From a client who D&O assisted in a divorce with no children:

“I can’t thank you enough for treating me with a very big – unusual problem. You kept me in check and only wanted the best for me always. I wanted to throw in the towel so many times just to be done….Keith, thank you so much for everything. What would I’ve done without all your help.”


This Google review came from the opposing party in a divorce whom D&O never represented. D&O represented the wife during the divorce and he is the ex-husband. The case was heavily litigated and required D&O and its co-counsel to engage in significant discovery on behalf of the ex-wife simply to identify the assets of the marital estate, a significant portion of which had been purportedly transferred to irrevocable trusts in what appeared to be an attempt by husband to shield assets from division with his wife during his divorce. The below review came from the ex-husband shortly after D&O filed papers on the ex-wife’s behalf – after their divorce – alleging that the ex-husband (and Google reviewer) did not comply with his divorce agreement and did not disclose a marital asset. Although a negative review from his perspective, it clearly shows that D&O did its job on behalf of the ex-wife.  The Firm will always advocate for its clients irrespective of the tactics of other side, including the inaccurate and libelous statements below.

“These attorneys who claims to be Christian and an advocate for the family lied multiple times during my divorce, encouraged my now ex wife to sue her daughters for money and then charged her exhorbidant fees. Completely disrespectful at every turn . It was obvious to all involved that he was very incapable.”   ***

***D&O copied the review verbatim, including any spelling and/or grammatical errors.


A wife of a couple who used Advocates for Families to mediate their divorce had this to say about the experience:

 “Keith was very kind, unbiased, very knowledgeable and made this very intimidating experience of divorce less stressful. He was very upfront and honest, which was so greatly appreciated!”

As to the mediation experience: “Efficient. Value for money. Competent. Friendly.”

As to the mediator’s performance: “Efficient, knowledgeable and financially friendly.”


From a client who gave the firm a “10” as her overall impression of the attorney and the firm:

“Keith always had my absolute best interest in mind. I appreciated the ‘belt and suspenders’ and how Keith made sure to keep me updated on the progress of my case.  I never once questioned his capability of producing the results I was looking for. I felt extremely confident in him.”

Liz Hall


This client provided the highest ranking of all 10s for the firm and offered the following:

“Working with an attorney you can fully trust and to give you care as if you are family is so valuable. Knowing that this firm works with Christian values and shows it makes the trust even greater.”



A husband who participated in mediation endorsed the mediation process with Advocates for Families as follows:

“While divorce is by nature a rather unpleasant experience, mediation with Advocates for Families kept the process very cordial and constructive. Much less adversarial than it could have been.

As to the mediation experience: “Efficient. Value for money. Consistent. Competent. Friendly.”

As to the mediator’s performance: “Keith did a great job. His calm demeanor kept things from getting heated. Definitely the way to go!”


A mother with one child who sought the services of the firm in connection with her divorce shared the following:

“Very knowledgable, helpful and kind. I could have not asked for a better attorney.”



“ Professional. Honest. Keith knows the judges style. Follow up emails informing me of completed tasks were good.”

Corey Webber


A mother of three children who utilized the services of the firm in connection with her divorce and later change of domicile gave the firm a ranking of all 10s and gave the following commentary:

“At one of the toughest times in my life, Kim was a blessing. She guided me in considering important factors which impacted the quality of our family life, post-divorce. I was very pleased and satisfied with the agreements set forth in our divorce documents. Two years after my divorce, Kim assisted with our change of domicile. The best advice related to the change of domicile and divorce documents was for my ex-husband and I to come into agreement on our issues. We were able to keep costs reasonable and everything else more efficient!”


The following client used D&O in her initial separation and later reconciliation with her husband:

“All aspects of serviced were handled smoothly, efficiently and respectfully. Would definitely recommend their services to others. Thanks so much!”

Cheryl Palmer


“I appreciated Keith’s straightforward manner. I felt fairly informed before starting the divorce process, but needed to feel I was getting solid legal advice – I thank Keith for keeping me focused and well informed.”



A father with children, provided the highest rankings of all 10s and shared the following:

“I enjoyed working with Keith and Rachael. They were both pleasant and professional at all times.”

“Keith and Rachael kept me informed each step of the way. I appreciated that and found the fees reasonable.”



A mother of two shared her experience as follows:

“I had a very positive experience with Denoyer & Ostrowski PC.  Despite the fact that I was going through a divorce, my attorney explained everything to me clearly.  She really helped me a lot during this very difficult time in my life.  Kim never minded if I called or emailed her with a question.  She always explained my options fully, but never made me feel pressured into a decision.  I would highly recommend Denoyer & Ostrowski PC.  I was very satisfied with them.”



“Everyone that I came into contact was very helpful and courteous.  Thank you.”

Nichole Cullin


From a company representative represented by D&O in a commercial dispute:

“Very happy with Kim’s representation.  Sound approach and good results.  The litigation was unpleasant, but Kim made it manageable.  Thanks.”



A professional woman and mother of two children offered some words of gratitude with how D&O handled her divorce:

“D&O is very committed to easing its clients and their families through the divorce process with as little damage as possible, and they actually manage to provide a good bit of emotional support along with top notch legal know-how.

I could not have hoped for a better attorney through all this than Keith. His legal advice was always excellent, he could always be counted upon to answer my calls and e-mails promptly, and he did a great job of answering any and all problems and questions I put before him. He was a great cheerleading squad when I didn’t think I could face another single solitary day of getting divorced. In the end, I believe he was instrumental in finally bringing about the relatively positive outcome in my divorce.”

JoEllen K. Doolin


At the conclusion of her divorce, a client shared the following words of appreciation:

“I have mentioned to many that I have received excellent representation, and I highly recommend Keith to anyone facing divorce.

… Keith was compassionate and supportive. He is very understanding of the many different emotions that one deals with while going through such an ugly situation. He communicated with me each step of the way and offered words of encouragement. I found it very comforting to have an attorney who was professional and personable too.”

Beverly Jean Fuqua


A working mother of three children thanked Keith for his advice and counsel throughout her divorce:

“Mr. Ostrowski’s legal services will continue to be recommended to all my friends going through divorce or family matters. Mr. Ostrowski was very wise and professional, and was used by God in many areas. I joke around that he was an encourager, honest when needed, firm, and a hard worker. I think he has many gifts not just as a lawyer. Keith Ostrowski was an advocate, counselor, lawyer, and spiritual encourager (pastor) – all this talent in one person. His integrity showed brightly, and in turn, I found a friend that has impacted my life forever and my children’s lives. Keep your faith Mr. Keith Ostrowski, ‘God has blessed your life greatly.’ ”

Hope Snapp


A divorcing couple with one child, age 9, used Advocates for Families to mediate their divorce and the father offered the following feedback about his experience with facilitative mediation and Advocates for Families:

I know it is been a while since we last talked and back than I promised that sometime after things calmed down in my life I would provide some feedback on the overall experience on the process of the mediation that you have assisted us through. I can now more calmly look back and understand how great of a job you did for us and I am sure the same applies to the rest of your clients. At the time I might have had some minor frustration over fully understanding how charges were applied, but now, looking back, I know that it had mostly to do with me having no idea of how this thing works. I am happy that people like you and the services that you provide exist. At a time when couples go through one of the most traumatic stages in their life, you make life being more tolerable and shorten up a process that otherwise can take forever and can cost a little fortune. I am glad that through Caroline Garmo, we had a chance to hear about you and your services. All I can hope is that more people will find their way to you (or people like you) when family life comes to crossroads.

Thank You for all you did for us.


A professional woman who had been married for 25 years and mediated her divorce through Advocates for Families, shared the positive response she received from the Court in connection with her mediated divorce and commented as follows:

The judge was pleased we could mediate and complimented us in settling amicably. You did well……Thanks for all of your help.


A mother and father of two children, ages 5 and 7, used Keith and Kim in its facilitative mediation practice – Advocates for Families – and the father offered the following words of thanks to Keith and Kim for their services:

“You helped make a difficult life change less painful. I am confident that [we] will be able to work together to help the kids make the adjustment and raise them to be emotionally healthy and happy, while at the same time moving on with our own lives. I know that there may be some rough roads ahead, and that the healing process has just begun, but I feel like we have handled this in a way that was mature and fair for both of us. I would recommend mediation to anyone who feels they can separate amicably, and would definitely recommend both of you to mitigate the process. Thanks again for all your work, and for restoring some of my trust in attorneys!”


58-year old professional woman, who had been married for 11 years, found D&O’s commitment to providing affordable and quality legal representation to be exactly what she expected from a family law firm with regard to protecting her financial interests and by giving her the individual attention she deserved.

 “While divorce is a difficult and stressful personal time, I was impressed with Keith’s sensitivity and dedication in helping his clients go through the divorce process with dignity and integrity. Many attorneys simply treat divorce as a business partnership to be dissolved. While emotional aspects of divorce cannot be resolved in a court of law, attorneys who distance themselves from the personal experience of the client, do the client a disservice. Keith has the capacity to be sensitive to the needs of his client and be professional.

. . . By the way, you are light years ahead (of my former counsel).  I am so glad I attended your seminar and met you.  I will certainly be handing out your business card to anyone I know that has need of a good attorney who is efficient and knowledgeable.”


A 23-year old father who had been married for over 1 year turned to D&O to assist with obtaining an uncontested divorce, as well as advising on his custodial rights with respect to his 2-year old child.

 “It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning.  In addition to your legal knowledge, you seem like an awesome guy. . . .  I look forward to working with you. . . .”


A Licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist strongly endorses D&O and its attorneys.

“…Kim and Keith are extremely professional, earnest and committed to their clients, and a couple of attorneys who I would strongly endorse….”


A mother sent her appreciation to Keith for successfully defending against the State’s attempt to permanently terminate her parental rights to her young children:

“Thank you so much for all your hard work. You were sent by God to defend me. I can’t thank you enough. I have so much gratitude to say but don’t want to be long winded like usual. My church family wants to say thanks and send you blessings. . . .”


An attorney who was involved in Keith mediating a long-lasting post judgment parenting time dispute offered the following words concerning his efforts:

“I just wanted to thank you again for your invaluable assistance in resolving the parenting time issues in the above case. Without your patience and efforts the parties couldn’t possibly have achieved a settlement. Please let me know if I may somehow return the favor at some future date.”

Attorney, George Parks


“I can’t say enough about how well my experience went.  Everyone was very helpful!  Kim was informative and diplomatic about everything.  Rachael was helpful with helping me keep dates and times organized.  I would recommend this firm to anyone.”



“In my line of work, we gain a great mistrust and dislike for attorneys.  Well, my opinion has changed.  Keith and Kim talked to me, not at me, and made sure I had NOTHING to worry about.  Honesty was the name of the game and I was treated like a friend, not just a client. THANK YOU.”

William Gipson


“Could not have asked for a better attorney! Kim was awesome! Thanks!”

Dale A. Chandler


“It was great – everything was so easy and professional.  E-Mails were answered timely, phone calls returned with answers.  Thank you for all you did!!”

Roxanne D. Loew


“It was a good experience in a difficult time but I felt anything I needed to know was taken care of and all my questions were answered.”



“I was treated with respect and advised in a manner which is consistent with the highest standards of legal representation.  Denoyer & Ostrowski was highly recommended by members of my church.”

Anthony Randazzo

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